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New Beginnings
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Monique is an exceptional woman in the world.  Her gifts include a deep connection to Source, a refined sensitivity and she transmits with an authentic joy.  Monique magnetizes a beautiful community around her and has a lot to offer anyone she touches.

Kamala Devi
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Each month recieve first notice of my events, and my blog (where I will be telling my story of how I went from living a life of "have-to's" and "should-have's", to an amazing life of co-creation, self-love, and full expression.



“The yearning to remember who we really are is the motivation behind every thing else we seek and experience.” – Michael Mirdad

My passion is to help YOU remember.

Divine Interludes is dedicated to empowering people who are questioning the assumptions of how their life should be and to offering tools for self expression that create trust, inner knowing and wisdom to make the life they want.

I wasn’t always this open.  I was born into a narrow minded community in rural America.

I know what it’s like to be afraid.  To feel like there is something out there calling to you, answers to questions you are not “supposed to” ask.  To be judged by society and community; and to live life closed off because the risks seem too great to really ask for what you want.  I have been disowned by family; uninvited to family functions (even funerals); Shunned by long time friends.  In the process I found my own chosen family that loved me more for what others had judged unloveable.  I found the freedom of being my own unique self and not looking for others approval.

I am passionate about co-creating a world that includes each day consciously choosing to cut the ties to what no longer serves, to hold everyone and every experience in compassion; to loving myself for ALL that I am and in so doing to give those around me permission to do the same.  As a result of this way of being in the world, I have been able to create a world that IS.  Nothing would bring me greater joy than to witness you do the same.  It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s the kind of work that makes life easier.

I am clairvoyant, empathic, and intuitive.  This gives me the opportunity to help you see bigger possibilities, a more complete picture than what you see of yourself.  I can help you uncontain yourself, let go of preconceived limits.  I have learned a variety of tools to help you obtain your own divinity.

What can you expect from a session with me?

One thing I have always noticed about Monique is that she never brings our previous experiences into the present. What I mean is that every time I connect with her it is like the first time. I can feel her highly sensitized intuition scanning and probing for who I am in this moment, and that is how she relates to me.

In session work this is an amazing gift to her and the recipient. I experienced this recently in a session that I had with her.

She began with a discussion of boundaries and intentions. Because I know her to be such an amazing intuitive and empath, I elected to have dynamic boundaries, meaning that we would continue to negotiate during the session. As for intention, again I wanted to open myself and receive the most that she had to offer so I trusted spirit to guide us both in the direction that was for the highest good.

To a casual observer the session would have looked like a rather traditional massage (very good I might add) and a meandering conversation among friends. What really happened was that as she moved her hands over my body she discovered and uncovered areas of stuck energy and this guided the conversation. I came to many amazing insights and in particular five significant realizations that continued to open and expand in me. I recommend her highly for anyone. – Adam SD

Thank you Adam for that touching and concise evaluation of my offerings. Visit my Sessions page for the numerous ways I can serve you.