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New Beginnings
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Monique's session was delightful. She is like this gentle fairy, Gaea mama, a sage and a beautiful Goddess all in one. She had sooo many wonderful things to do to me. I mean massage, toning, crystals, time travel all in one! Oh I loved it! I love her. It's so easy to love her. She will make you love life and feel love. That's her gift. Monique thy name is love!

Maha Lakshmi
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Each month recieve first notice of my events, and my blog (where I will be telling my story of how I went from living a life of "have-to's" and "should-have's", to an amazing life of co-creation, self-love, and full expression.

About Me


From a very early age, I have always known that I was not alone. I have felt the pull of spirit connection since my earliest memories.  At 5 I stepped off of a ledge in a swimming pool and for 5-6 minutes, I was completely submerged.  I looked up and saw a brilliant light in the water above me.  I saw I was surrounded by Angels and other guardian beings, there was no fear, just an overwhelming feeling of peace, love, and connection to everything.  I remember being pulled out of the pool and the people there were frantic, could not believe the miracle they had just witnessed.  I wanted to throw my arms around each one, tell them, tell anyone who would listen, that I loved them, that love was bigger then whatever challenge they were facing.  Ultimately LOVE was the only thing they could take with them when they moved on.

Since 1990, I have felt the calling to learn from some amazing teachers including Wayne Dyer, Matt Kahn, Reid Mihalko, WhiteBear, Shawn Roop, ABDY, Kamala Devi, and Scott Catamas to name a few.  I have read, no, devoured over 5,000 books that sang to my soul, and have experienced in workshops, courses, and client sessions how spirit/love moves through me using intuition, touch, and emotional release in helping others embrace the truth of their divinity.

My specialty is transmuting fear and repression into courage, love and freedom to express your truth in ways that nourish all you touch. I am devoted to helping you uncover your magnificence!!! To empower YOU, who dream of something more, to awaken further and discover it is within you.  You have all the answers, let me help you remember the questions.