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New Beginnings
What people are saying
"I met Monique and immediately knew that she was someone special. She has an inner light that draws you to her, a sweet presence that fills you with peace. I have been to 2 cuddle parties hosted by Monique, and she makes everyone feel at ease and ready to get their cuddle-connection on. I can't wait until she starts leading more events, she has the ability to make people open their hearts and learn things about themselves they didn't even know were there. Thanks, Monique for being an inspiration to me to live a more authentic, joyous life. :) "

Kristy Edwards
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Hear My Story
Each month recieve first notice of my events, and my blog (where I will be telling my story of how I went from living a life of "have-to's" and "should-have's", to an amazing life of co-creation, self-love, and full expression.


It has been a honor and a privilege to witness Monique unearth her special talents. Her capacity to access energy and her care, compassion and integrity in how she wields it is inspiring. I would recommend that anyone who feels drawn to working with Monique dive in with both feet first!”

Reid Mihalko
Monique is an exceptional woman in the world.  Her gifts include a deep connection to Source, a refined sensitivity and she transmits with an authentic joy.  Monique magnetizes a beautiful community around her and has a lot to offer anyone she touches.

Kamala Devi
After an emotional experience at a conference, I was in serious physical pain and when I looked for healing hands, there was Monique with a loving smile and willingness to help. She immediately took time to do some work on me, consciously removing the pain, working on the block and honoring me with her presence and generosity. I had literally been doubled-over in arresting pain for hours while listening to a keynote panel. She swooped in like an angel and did her magic. I cannot recommend her enough. She is undoubtedly the REAL DEAL. If you are wanting some healing work, go see her immediately!

Amy Jo Goddard
Monique's ability to open her magic and pour love from a place of great care, heart and uniqueness, is unlike anything you will experience. Her kindness, genuine concern and want to show up, offers her clients the chance for real change, powerful energy and massive joy within their mind, body and soul. She is dedicated to her own growth, which promises that her sessions, and events, will always be fresh, alive and full of growth

Shawn Roop
“May all souls be blessed with the love Monique is here to share.”

Matt Kahn
True Divine Nature
Monique, you have a unique gift for making multitudes feel that they are loved, as individuals. You must have a heart the size of a planet. How else could so many of us feel that we have a comfortable home in there?

Sorry it has taken me so long to say in words what has been living in my heart since laying on your table; thank you sweet Goddess of True Love for sharing yourself and your delicious work with me and my body! it was soooo much what I needed at that very moment. my life is unfolding in some sweet, wild and wonderful ways here!

Monique, your work tonight was "warming, healing, peace, loving, caring, dedicated, and joyful"

Monique's session was delightful. She is like this gentle fairy, Gaea mama, a sage and a beautiful Goddess all in one. She had sooo many wonderful things to do to me. I mean massage, toning, crystals, time travel all in one! Oh I loved it! I love her. It's so easy to love her. She will make you love life and feel love. That's her gift. Monique thy name is love!

Maha Lakshmi
Monique is amazing. Her touch is heavenly and her intuition is nurturing. I love the way she tones the chakras. She has great energy and her name says it all…. She’s a “Darling”