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New Beginnings
What people are saying
"I met Monique and immediately knew that she was someone special. She has an inner light that draws you to her, a sweet presence that fills you with peace. I have been to 2 cuddle parties hosted by Monique, and she makes everyone feel at ease and ready to get their cuddle-connection on. I can't wait until she starts leading more events, she has the ability to make people open their hearts and learn things about themselves they didn't even know were there. Thanks, Monique for being an inspiration to me to live a more authentic, joyous life. :) "

Kristy Edwards
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Each month recieve first notice of my events, and my blog (where I will be telling my story of how I went from living a life of "have-to's" and "should-have's", to an amazing life of co-creation, self-love, and full expression.

Ladies Only


Exactly like CUDDLE PARTY, but for ladies only.



We begin the night listening to songs of YOUR choice as we dance, and try on clothes in our clothing swap/runway modeling. Next we feed one another decadent dark chocolate and pieces of fresh, ripe, juicy fruit. And then it is time to pamper each other with a 6 hand massage, feet/hand massage, mini acupressure fun, plus lot’s of time for heart to heart connection and communication and tons of surprises

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