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New Beginnings
What people are saying
"I have had the pleasure of recieving Energetic Bodywork from Monique, and if you are considering it - do it! As many will attest, Monique brings a loving enthusiasm to anything she does. She is especially present and her devotion to the Divine in the individual shines through her in her touch and energy work when she is providing a healing session. It's a delightful and relaxing experience. You will definitely be pleased that you chose Monique to take care of you."

Rita Mooney
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Each month recieve first notice of my events, and my blog (where I will be telling my story of how I went from living a life of "have-to's" and "should-have's", to an amazing life of co-creation, self-love, and full expression.

Other Collaborators


In this playful workshop we will use laughter as a catalyst to vibrate and awaken the healing energies within us. Experience laughter as an exercise to open blocks and move energy using our sound and breath. Use laughter to drop the masks, let judgments fall, relax and be in the moment.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have 12 hands needing, massaging, caressing, all over your body after your heart has been blown wide open by tibetan bowls. Come find out.

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN with Cathleene Cienfuegos

Using Sound, Meditation and Art materials, Dive into your own body and create a visual image that deeply reflects what is Happening in your power centers now. Learn the Healing Art of Toning and Crystalize that Sound into a Visual Representation. Create YOUR Own Personal Chakra Ladder Work Of Art to take home with you that night!!

SHADOW PLAY with Sabrina Morgan

We invite you to join us in our playshop to directly experience the sacred trust and sexual power that make BDSM such a compelling tool for exploring sacred sexuality.
Here’s a taste of what we’ll be experiencing:
- Blindfolding and sensually feeding a partner dark chocolate and fruit
- A few ritual meditations to help you become aware of, connect with, and accept those aspects of your sexuality that you tend to hide or withhold from others… and perhaps even yourself.

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